A Stranger Kind

by St. Julien

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Tracks 1-6 & 12 are for folks who like good old fashioned electric blues
Tracks 7-11 are for folks who like that new fangled laser beam music

Side A (tracks 1-6): with The Good Times Family Ensemble
Side B (tracks 7-12): with The Space Cadets


released December 3, 2014

Stephen Roberts played drums & bass on tracks 2 & 4 and guitar on Moondog
Sam Bernhardt recorded tracks 2 & 4
Julien Foster did everything else



Track Name: Partner In Crime
Well I've seen all them pretty ladies dressed up in their fancy clothes
They don't bother me too much, ya know you can't sail away in those
I don't wanna buy no diamond ring just to show you that you shine
I'm not asking much of anything, just show me that you're kind
I've been wandering these empty streets ya know
I've been wondering where the hell you go
But I don't need no friends, I just need a partner in crime
maybe just a little someone keep me warm at night
but lord knows that's hard to find

I was busy staring down my nose, just running straight into the wall
when I met this little acrobat, she told me boy careful where ya fall
cuz I can see in your eyes, but not to my surprise, that you're one of my kind
Let me get down to the truth of the matter darlin, good lovin's hard to find
Track Name: Elephants
My thoughts are growing slower from the vine
keep on thinking these thoughts that are not mine
when your friends are on bookshelves, you're looking mighty fine
keep on thinking these thoughts that are not mine
One foot stuck in the window, one foot stuck in the pond,
look right past the flamingos, still got elephants in the yard
Just another 3 hours, that's a pretty long time
3/4 of a lightyear is pretty damn far
3 times the money gonna leave ya empty handed
me I wish there were 3 times the stars
Let me tell ya something friends I've been all around the world
I've seen the schools, the old folks homes, the little boys and the lil girls
they don't wanna ask no questions, keep carrying the load
so I just sit back, watchem fall, roll one more number for the road
Track Name: How To Talk To Girls At Parties
Orphic Morphing Sister, of unstable galaxies
not quite from another planet, not quite the same as me
The oracle speaks electric in the cool night of the soul
there's weird transmissions in the basement
darling wont you take a piece of me home

Are you a poem? I screamed at the Abyss
She says I am a pattern, the sea is my mistress...
How to talk to girls at parties, when they swallow you in the dark
you only kiss the nice ones still end up with the weakest heart

Orphic Morphin Sister, you sure mean a lot to me,
don't know if I'd have made it, I guess we'll wait and see
and wade into the sea.... and wade into the sea...
Track Name: Stung
Little Geenie in a bottle, sure was a friend of mine
little kitten sittin' smitten on the front porch after night
street lights down on the corner turn her green eyes to lightning
I was just a coattail boy never much for fighting
I'll tell ya something bout that red heart darling with the needle tongue
she's good book talking, couldn't tell by the way she was walking in
boy that girl's gonna leave you stung
Sitting there, little rocking chair, not worried much bout all the eyes and stares
Lookout boy, she'll make you stumble and fall
Goddes she is, or dog at all
lookout boy you're gonna stumble and fall
ya oughta hit her and watch geenie roll
Track Name: Desert Souls
Well I come from over yonder with a smile on my face
got a tendency to wander, how'd I found myself in this place
I may never know
let's face it, the desert's cold
drink them clouds to the last drop
foggy notion that's all I got
Watch myself through the window melting away
watch myself go a little furthur astray
Well selling souls, it's getting old
riding shotgun on a strange caravan
little tents just like castles made of sand in our back yard
hand in hand we could make it far
emerald ashes on the counter top
crystal canyons that just won't stop from spinning round and round inside my head
toldem I might be dead
but oh desert souls, there ya go
sipping tea in the desert sun
remember things that I wish I had not done
or remembered at all
but most of the time my dreams are hard to recall
Track Name: No Shoes
I was bleeding, but I checked in last
had to run out the back and find that fire exit fast
I was needing to get outside,
Now I'm doing just fine sitting bleeding the colors from the sky

Explain to me, fill me in if you're able
why the number one cash crop grows under the table?
Grandma runs the factory
she ain't got no time for you
still the boys down the line, they ain't got no shoes

I was dreaming, I was bleeding fast
beware soul brother bout the dreams you have
take your feelings, lay em out on the line
come on soul sister you're doing just fine

Track Name: Starship
Have I ever told you about the starship?
Well we were over by the pond on the west side, I looked up, spotted this shimmering colorful star, was sort of glowing.
I remember staring at it, seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger, till finally all I could see were these colorful soft star lights.
[Mangled Transmission]
I emerged from the dreamy fog, walking along this purple shore with
little crystal puffs of pink foam, little bubbly structures here and there, that shimmered and glowed in the pale moonlight.
Suddenly I heard singing off in the distance.
I walked towards the words and found myself going deeper and deeper into the lush forest until I could no longer hear the enchanting call of the harmonies and found myself in the deepest and darkest part of the forest, surrounded by mysterious whispering creatures, darting about amongst the trees.
They moved so that you couldn't really see them and eventually they wandered away, leaving me alone in the dark.
To this day their silvery voices still beckon in the witching hours and in the shadows of my dreams.
Track Name: Faded
Well I met this little girl, played her every song I knew.
We danced all night on my front porch till you could see that morning dew.
Just as the dawn's first light, cought the corner of my eye,
She winked at me and smiled the sweetest smile,
then faded into the sky
She's somewhere up in those clouds, a little planet all to herself,
with her desert island records, sitting on a little shelf.
Just as the dawn's first light catches the corner of her eye,
I hope she thinks of me and I hope her thoughts are kind,
not yet faded from mine