from by St. Julien

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Have I ever told you about the starship?
Well we were over by the pond on the west side, I looked up, spotted this shimmering colorful star, was sort of glowing.
I remember staring at it, seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger, till finally all I could see were these colorful soft star lights.
[Mangled Transmission]
I emerged from the dreamy fog, walking along this purple shore with
little crystal puffs of pink foam, little bubbly structures here and there, that shimmered and glowed in the pale moonlight.
Suddenly I heard singing off in the distance.
I walked towards the words and found myself going deeper and deeper into the lush forest until I could no longer hear the enchanting call of the harmonies and found myself in the deepest and darkest part of the forest, surrounded by mysterious whispering creatures, darting about amongst the trees.
They moved so that you couldn't really see them and eventually they wandered away, leaving me alone in the dark.
To this day their silvery voices still beckon in the witching hours and in the shadows of my dreams.


from A Stranger Kind, released December 3, 2014